Mens Watch Box Personalised

  • Anti-Raying
  • Display to enjoy your collection
  • Ideal to keep your watches
  • Hand finishing
  • Adapted to any type of decoration
  • Number of slots: 8
  • Interior material : velvet and leather
  • Made of White Pine, a robust wood that will last for decades
  • Handcrafted watch box made in our workshop
  • Customizable: Have your initials, name or first name engraved by entering it in the "Basket" page
  • Manual closure

mens watch box personalised 

Discover our beautiful wooden watch storage box for men
Are you looking for an original storage for your watches? We have the product you need. Our wooden watch box has 8 slots for your collection and two more to store your jewelry.

This handcrafted design, with luxurious touches, will blend perfectly with your interior.

A handmade box and your choice of pads

This box is designed on demand in our workshop. The box can hold up to 8 watches, as well as 2 large slots to store jewelry, or to lay flat other watches, so you can admire your favorite watches.

A case made with the Lichtenberg method

Made from white pine, this model is designed using the famous Lichtenberg method, which creates sublime shapes inside the wood that look like lightning bolts or tree roots.

Engrave the case according to your taste

If this watch box is offered to a person or to a special occasion, we suggest you come and engrave a small word, the initials of your choice. In addition to having a unique line on the wood, the whole box will be a very exceptional object. To have it engraved, please indicate your wish in the "Basket" page.

White Pine, a wood that stands the test of time

White pine is a very popular wood in the construction of furniture and interior decoration mainly for its ability to be worked, drilled without cracking.

Do you know the Lichtenberg method for treating wood?

The craftsman places a large electric charge on both sides of the wood and the current, amplified by a special gel and guided by metal bars, flows through the hollows of the board to give this fabulous effect. An effect that has been coming back in fashion for some time, appreciated for its unique side and for the relief of the wood.

Mens Watch Box Personalised
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